Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lookey what I found!

Good day to you fellow shopping enthusiasts!

Artfire, as you may or may not know, is a diverse playground teeming with marvelous and uniquely handcrafted items created by an impressive collection of talented artists. And, being the shopper that I am, cruising through their offerings isn't ever a hardship!  :o)  Personally, I just LOVE to browse there and discover different and uniquely wonderful things- some that fill a need or maybe a want -or- that just catch my eye. SO while I was perusing what is available by our top-notch AFPlurkies members in golden colors and all around yumminess...I came across a few uncommon creations.  I'd like to share with you, what I found today...!

This stunning pair of vintage inspired earrings comes from JewelledTrellis. Robyn has a such wonderful eye for romanticism, femininity and a style appealing to the sophisticated woman, you can't miss if your're looking for a gift for that hard to please woman..  Look in her store and you'll see what I mean!  I usually don't notice browns or golden colors per se...but this set is really striking!

If you're looking for another treat in jewelry, this glorious necklace from HaffinaCreations fits the bill nicely.  The playful colors with impact, that this murano-style and flirty focal has, is just mesmerizing!  Again, I'm not a wearer of gold frills, but you cannot turn away from this dreamy confection. Bellisimo!

Oh...and I've found something that looks SOOOOO good you're gonna wanna eat it!  This Cranberry Orange Bath Butter Dead Sea Slat Scrub by Essensu  is mouthwatering!  She makes wonderful body lotions, scrubs and well... bottles full of heaven!  Plus, Tami is absolutely willing and able to answer questions.  Her blog  is chock full of clear, helpful information, too...check it out yourself.

Speaking of wonderful, I ran into this sweet young thing from EagleHawk aka CNewcomb's Woodwork.  This is lacy, wispy Greeting Card or Mail Holder, you choose,  is a beautiful  accessory combining the tawny wood's sturdiness without looking blocky or rough hewn. She's appealing and perfect to grace any decor- from formal to country- Lovely!

Well, that's all my time for today.  I hope you found yourself a unique gift to entice your loved one, or perhaps a new gift for yourself!  How about checking our BlogRoll of members' shops to see if there is some interesting and handcrafted goodie you have been searching for unsuccessfully...until now.  Remember to bookmark us and come back again to see what new treasures get featured here...I must go a'wandering again!

Hope the Day finds you well and Happy!

Heather aka StudioDTQ


  1. I love shopping on ArtFire! There are soooooo many unique, beautiful things there!!!!!

  2. Very nice selections - there are so many wonderful things from Artfire artisans. Hard to choose!

  3. Heather your write ups are so wonderful, I feel like I'm reading Elle Magazine! xoxo

    ~ Tami